Blue – Brown – Green – Grey



The first three photo’s show the initial phase of the star bag. The name comes from the star you see when looking at the top view of the bag. The shape is created with only a few interventions. Nothing more has been added than necessary. Pure shape and lines. With one cord running through. This is the basic idea from which I create and how my designs come into being. Going back to the essence of the material I use, using its quality characters for its expression.


This handmade bag is available in these 4 colors in limited edition. The bag can be closed with small magnets. The dimensions of the bags shown are: 

height: 16 cm / width: 39 cm / depth: 16 cm


If you would like to know which bags I have in my collection at the moment and for current prices, feel free to contact me or visit my gallery. A handmade bag takes an average of 2 to 6 weeks to make. Specific wishes and requests are welcome. For the latest news you can follow me on instagram @barbarakooij


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