It has always amazed me that a piece of leather, a chunk of wood or a lump of silver can be turned into an object through imagination.

From this state of wonder I started this journey. Giving birth to a product is a way to express myself and where I find joy, peace and stillness.

After finishing high school, I started my education as a silversmith, learning the beauty of this craftsmanship. When I finished it, I wanted to know so much more than I started. So I went on exploring more crafts, materials and techniques.

2010 I graduated cum laude as a furniture designer at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. A personal signature began to emerge. One of clear shapes and lines and a method in which the product is expressed in a process of continuous refinement. A quest for essence and simplicity in a time of overabundance. 

My primary focus is on a new project: “In Perspective“.

However this idea stands at the core of whatever I create and do. I Think it’s important to shape your own unique expression, and to share and to express it with others.

If you have any questions or like to have more information about a product or a personal request. Feel free to contact me!